Tuesday, 2 March 2010

...can it really be this simple??‏

I've just been reading some AMAZING statistics
produced by one of the top Internet Marketing
Companies on Making Money Online.

They are very eye opening. Here's a few samples...

1. 85% of people who buy a Making Money Online
book NEVER even open it.

2. 87% of people who buy Making Money Home Study
Courses NEVER use it.

3. 85% of people who start to read a Making Money
Online book NEVER finish it.

4. 83% of people who start to use a Making Money
Study course NEVER use it again (the main reason
being insufficient knowledge about and training
on the application)

5. 94% of people NEVER start at the beginning of
there home study course and then they wonder
why they haven't made any money (no surprise

What does all this mean to us?

It simply means that 13% of people who purchase
any Making Money Online Home Study Course will
make money from it.

Or put another way...

"Statistically there is a 87% probability you
won't make a dime"


As we all know any Making Money Online Course
doesn't come cheap. And I'm certain that 100% of
people who buy it DO plan to make some form of
extra income with it.

So what happens?

Well after buying several of these highly rated
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